Welcome to my home page.

.. which is remarkably, intentionally and eminently pointless and is mostly in Russian anyway.


  This is me on my greencard back in '92. I look considerably older these days.

Update 04/28/2012

I created this website way, way back - in the mid-nineties.

Having your personal website was unusual at the time.
Internet didn't support Cyrillic all that well, so Russian had to be transliterated.
HTML-editors didn't really exist, and neither did most of today's HTML. Each page was created by hand in a text editor.

My web presence needs today are more or less covered by G+, and the rest is covered by what's left of LiveJournal.
Rather than update this website, I decided to preserve it as a monument to the nineties. It's less work, too, which definitely doesn't hurt.

So that's how the Internet was done back then, kids. Barefoot, in the snow, up the hill, both ways.

- NS